Oral Surgery

oral surgeonOral surgeon as a dental specialist deals with various surgical procedures inside and outside the oral cavity

 Single and surgical extraction of teeth

1. Simple Extraction – If a tooth hasn’t been broken off too much to be visible in the mouth, a simple extraction will suffice.

2. Wisdom Teeth Extraction – Necessary if wisdom teeth threaten the alignment of other permanent teeth, or if they cause severe pain or infection.

3. Orthodontic  Extraction – Extractions (if required) of premolars to aid orthodontic treatment.

4. Pre Prosthetic Alveolar Surgery – Surgical preparation of the jaws and tissues for future denture, crown and bridge construction.

5. Orthodontic Surgery – Uncover and surgically aid the proper eruption of teeth.

6. Temporomandibular Joint Pain and Dysfunction – Surgical management of jaw joint pain, limitation of motion or locking of the lower jaw.

oral surgeon



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